Welcome to the Purple Sunflower Studio, an artistic niche in an at home setting nestled in the beautiful Monadnock Region of New Hampshire. This website expresses Sue J. Norton Poplin’s creative spirit and shares her creative journey as a multimedia artist. The studio is named after this poem her daughter wrote for her:

Purple Sunflower StudioThe Purple Sunflower

Tall and proud it stands above the dandelions, poppies and daisies that carpet the field.
The sun shines down atop its petals and they seem to dance in the warm rays; pinks
purples and lavenders all swirled together in a mirage of color.
The long, thin stalk sways in the breeze and I wonder how this flower manages to stand
Its roots are extremely strong; without them it would be blown to the ground.
At times the wind blows so hard that the stalk bends and I fear that it’s going to snap.
Just when I think it’s at the breaking point the wind retreats and the stalk straightens,
once more reaching for the sky.
I admire this flower and its strength; it’s not easy to fight the wind and stand tall.
I wonder if there will ever be a day when the flower doesn’t have to battle the wind,
when it doesn’t have to fight to stand tall.

That’ll be the day that it rains.
The drops will fall, warm and hard from the sky, bombarding the delicate purple petals.
They’ll roll to the ground like tears nourishing the roots of the flower.
Eventually the rain will let up.
The sun will peak through the clouds, and its rays will reflect off the water droplets
sending a cascade of color down to the earth,
Yellows, greens, blues and purples flowing from the sky to the petals of the sunflower.
Warmed by the sun and sprinkled by the rain the flower will continue to grow strong
and resilient amongst the wildflowers,
It’s purple petals reflecting the rays of the sun and adding to the colors of the rainbow.

Heather Norton
Mother’s Day l995

Sue J Norton Poplin
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“Colour is never a question of quantity, but of choice.”

Matisse’s essay “The Role and Modalities of Colour”, 1945